Handmade in Portugal

Handmade in Portugal on own factory

Making a pair of ANGULUS shoes is a long, precise and rewarding process. From the first step of a shoe’s creation till its finish, 48-60 steps are required and so many wonderful people have poured their expertise into the product. We are proud to be working with these skilled shoemakers, and we think of them every time we wear or sell a pair of the shoes they made.

Since March 2020 all ANGULUS shoes are manufactured on our own factroy in northern Portugal. Exept rain boots produced in China.

At the factory in Portugal, proud shoemakers ensure that each shoe lives up to the ANGULUS promise of Quality and Simplicity. The purpose is to ensure the high product quality that ANGULUS is known for while effectively working with optimization of the journey from raw material until the final product is put on the consumer’s foot. We are convinced this will benefit both the environment and customers.

At the factory, approx. 85 employees and new production and IT equipment ensure an efficient and responsible production with a high level of transparency and information from factory to customers.

ANGULUS through the ages

Since 1904 ANGULUS has produced its own shoes – until the 1960’ties in our own factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. After this followed a long period of production in close collaboration with a single partner in Portugal, while maintaining design and product development in-house at the ANGULUS HQ in Copenhagen. We simply moved machinery and lasts from Copenhagen to Portugal and trained Portuguese workers to fulfill the ANGULUS promise of Quality and Simplicity. In 2020 ANGULUS have gone full circle – and it is with great pleasure and pride that we are once again owners of our own factory in northern Portugal.

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