Starter shoes

Starter shoes - the first steps

When is the right time to buy a child's first shoes?

The short answer is: when the child begins to walk. The feet and muscles must be sufficiently developed, which is usually around 10-15 months, but in fact the child knows when he or she is ready to take the first steps. The child does not learn to walk any faster if it gets shoes on. In fact this can often inhibit development if shoes are fitted too early. It is important to buy the first pair of shoes a little too big. We normally advocate 1.5 cm room to grow. For the smallest, this needn’t be more than 1.2 cm otherwise they can easily trip over the toe end.

ANGULUS first steps shoes have thinner crepe soles than our shoes for older children, as they are more flexible and lighter and easier to learn to walk in. Crepe soles are more slip resistant and our first steps shoes also provide good support for the ankles. First steps shoes have either lace or velcro fasteners so they can be adjusted to fit the foot snugly in the shoe.

It is always a strange sensation for the child to have shoes on for the first time, which is why it is important to hoose the right ones. We recommend a visit to one of our many professional and competent stockists for expert guidance in choosing the right first shoes for your child. If you are able, pop into the ANGULUS shop at Sværtegade 10, 1118, Copenhagen K. Our professional staff will be happy to help and you can be sure to come home with the right shoes (and for mum too!). Should the shoes in the size you are looking for be out of stock when you visit an ANGULUS shop, it can also be purchased on the website.

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