Size-guide: Buy the right size

Size-guide: Buy the right size

It is important to buy the right size for your child. If the shoe is to big, the child can stumble and if it's to small, the shoe will soon be too little.
Shoe and shoe-sizes are different - therefore we recommend that you always measure the child's feet before buying new shoes! At, you can read about each shoe or boot and which foot type they suit.

The child's foot + room to grow = shoes inner lenght

You can find inner lenght on all children shoes at (it may vary from style to style). The inner lenght must cover the child's feet as well as room to grow. You will need to measure the child's feet and add the "room to grow". Shoes should preferably be 1.2-1.5 cm (0.5 inch.) longer than the end of the foot. It can be a good idea to wear socks in sandals in the beginning, as the sandal will fit better and to let the feet get used to the new sandal.

How to measure your child’s feet

You can measure your child's feet yourself. It is important that the child is standing up when being measured for shoes. If the child is curling toes when standing, it is a good idea to allow the child to walk around and the toes will automatically straighten out.

Possition your child on a piece of paper (with the heel against the wall.) Draw a line in front of the longest toe on both feet. Measure the length of the longest foot. There can be a slight difference between the two feet, but if there is more than 2 mm, then maasure again to be sure.

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