Space for growing

Room to grow

How much room do your children's feet need, for proper growth?

Good children’s shoes should preferably be 1.5 cm longer than the end of the foot. This allows room for proper growth. However, contrary to popular belief, not all the 1.5 cm are required for growth. Each time the child takes a step the foot slides around 5 mm forward in the shoe. So in reality the room to grow is around 1 cm.
Remember too, that a pair of party shoes won’t need the same room to grow as a pair of everyday shoes. On the other hand, a pair of winter boots will need every bit of the 1.5 cm so there is room for lining, extra socks or soles. Often, children can use the same size in our winter boots as they can in our summer sandals. There is no lining or stitching to take up space.

How do you know when shoes fit properly?

Most shoe shops have a foot measure that can measure the length of the foot and the inside length of the shoe. It is important that the child is standing up when being measured for shoes, and both feet must be measured, as there can be a slight size difference between them. Also, small children often curl up their toes when trying shoes on, so it is a good idea to allow the child to walk around the shop first and the toes will automatically straighten out.

Can i measure my child's foot and inside Measurement of the shoe?

Yes, you can easily measure your child’s foot and inside shoe size.

1. Possition your child on a piece of paper (with the heel against the wall.) Draw a line in front of the longest toe.
2. To measure the inside og the shoe or boot: put a strip of paper into the shoe until it reaches as far as it can go. Bend the strip back carefully into the heel and note the Measurement from heel to toe.
3. Compare the lenght of the strip with the lengts of the foot. Do they match?

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