Good advices on children's shoes

What can you expect of your children's shoes?

When it comes down to shoes for the next generation it’s no shame to have high standards. Here are 7 pointers for the correct children’s shoe:

1. The shoe must have the form of a healthy and natural foot.
2. There should be room at the front of the shoe so that the toes lie in extension of the metatarsal bones - in other words, the inner side of the shoe should be straight.
3. The oppening of the shoe should allow the foot to fit easily in but be narrow enough to hold it there and prevent in from slipping forward.
4. The heel should be low, so the child's body weight is evenly distributed onto the foot.
5. The heel support should be firm so it supports the foot when the child walks, runs and plays.
6. The sole should be flexible so the muscles af the foot can function naturally and should help support the arch.
7. The shoe should have the correct lenght, width and toe hight.

If you buy shoes in our webshop, you can read about each shoe or boot and which foot type they suit. Are you in doubt about size, a handy foot size measure can be printed out for the particular shoe you are looking at. (E.g. see last 888 or Naturform – NAT).

Follow the guidelines on the size measure and set your printer to 100%. Foot size measures can be found under the menu “Shoe size guide”.

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