Many of our winterboots are made with ANGULUS TEX membrane. ANGULUS TEX is amembrane which is laminated and fixed between the lining and the upper. The membrane effectively keeps water out while letting the feet breath, ie. Heat and moisture can get out.

ANGULUS TEX keeps the feet dry and ensures a healthy foot climate.

For the ANGULUS TEX-membrane to retain its properties it is important to apply the necessary leather care with a protection spray and shoe polish with low oil content.

ANGULUS TEX make sure that the the feet can breathe. If the socks are still moist after a few hours of play, then it's probably because it's not quite cold enough yet for winterboots. Our boots with ANGULUS-TEX and wool lining are perfect when temperatures are 5 degrees or less.

Many - but not all - ANGULUS winterboots for children er made with ANGULUS TEX and wool lining. You can read about the shoe fabric in the item-description here on the website.

ANGULUS wool lining

All ANGULUS Winter boots for kids are lined with lambswool. The wool is soft and keeps the feet warm.

We recommend 1.5cm space for growing when buying woolen winter boots. This allows room for the wool lining, a woolen sock, for the feet to grow and a bit of wiggling the toes.

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